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Co-produced with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, My Bird World is a collection of four delightful
education games to teach you about 24 different North American birds. The goal of the game is to
fill your world with birds. Along the way, feed your birds to keep them happy. Play two different games
Match Facts or Infestation Predation to win birds. Once you’ve won a bird and placed them in a habitat,
you can feed your bird and hear it sing. To win more food, play one of the nine levels of Memory or
one of the three levels of Flight Patterns.

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Ready for more birds?

Three new in-app purchase modules allow you to add up to 15 birds
to this game, including the five new Owls collection or the five Hawks &
Eagles. This will increase the number of birds you can learn about and
increase the number of bird facts from 400 to almost 900 bird facts.

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